Irchester Weather Station – Live Weather

Weather Station on Fence

I’m currently setting up my weather station in Irchester, The station (Oregon scientific WMR 200) is installed in a temporary position on the fence post for testing, The station display is connected by USB to a Windows 7 PC running as Virtual Machine on VMware ESXi 6.7 on a Dell R710 Server

Patch pannel Unifi USG Unifi 2 Port POE switch Dell R710 Server (Running VMware ESXi 6.7) APC Smart UPS 3000va
WMR200 Base station

This runs Weather Display software from Brian Hamilton with a 1 of fee for life. The software has evolved over time and I don’t think it the most user friendly but has many good features. This logs all the readings from the station and logs and graphs the weather. This then creatates a small .txt file that is uploaded to the website off your choice.

The website runs a piece off software called FreshWDL. This new software is the replacement for the old flash based Weather Display Live (WDL) software, I still think the WDL software was nicer and much easier to read but having to use flash limits all new devices FreshWDL is a JavaScript/HTML5 based and works on almost all devices. Irchester Live weather (Click Here)

Where it all started can be found here – using an old commercial server and running a weather station where I used to live in Great Doddington (Click Here)

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