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Welcome to, the homepage of Toby Gardner


I’m am a car mechanic based in Northamptonshire with a intrest in Cars, Photography and any thing else with an engine and electronics.

While still at school I started working part time at my fathers garage DG Motor Services, while not at school or fixing cars I took a great interest in computers and electronics.

After my GCSE’s I carried on to my A levels,  while completing my A levels I was helping out in the garage also fixing friends parents computers.  I also got my first car a VW Passat GL5 estate (2.2 litre engine – not bad for a first car) This took me into the world of car modifying.

Once I had completed my A levels I then started work full time at the garage.  With no formal training I started buying books and reading as much as I can.  I also brought a 1.6 1989 VW Jetta, I sourced a 1.8 GTI engine and started re-bulding it.  I had to bored out to make it a 1.9 and ported the cylinder head (3 cylinders heads later and found the limits of the 1.8 8v cylinder head) this went into the jetta with a pair of 40DCOE weber carbs. I sent this to a local tuning company and received the car back with a destroyed weber choke assembly :-(, with this I decided to learn how to tune the carbs myself!