VW Transporter work

I’ve now started work on my T5 Transporter,



First thing was to remove the aftermarket seats and get the dash board striped out,  With the dash out I sent about removing the VW aftermarket alarm that would stop the van starting every now and again



Now for the other planned jobs:

  1. Fit VW Highline dashpod with Driver information system (MFI or MFA)
  2. Fit leisure battery and split charge relay wired into the VW central electric module
  3. Add Phatnoise hard-drive music system in place of CD changer
  4. Fit new heater control cable
  5. Fit passenger side sun visor with mirror and lighting
  6. Fit Passat W8 interior  light with LED downlighters
  7. Fit better lighting for the rear of the van

Stay tuned for more info on this 🙂

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