Volkswagen T5 Highline dashpod with MFA retrofit

Here my guide to converting a T5 Lowline dash upto the Highline dash pod.

Tools you will need:

VCDS (VAG-COM) this is used to program the new dashpod in (Clone) (Original) 

VAG-Tacho – This removes the PIN (security access code) out of the old dash pod (Clone)  (Original)

VAG-Tacho seems to be out of stock so you can use VAG-K+Commander (Click here)

Tools to remove dash trim and the steering wheel

Parts you need:

Wiper stalk with MFA buttons (might as well pop cruise in at the same time if you can)

Highline dashpod (theres lots of options make sure it the correct part fro your van)

Wiring loom

How to do it:

Carry out a full scan with VCDS and save the scan, Then make adaption channel map select controller address 17 and change function to adaption, make sure you have a copy of the full scan and a copy of the adaption channel map and take a note of the mileage.

Now we move onto VAG-Tacho, Connect to the dash pod and pull the pin number from the old cluster,  While here I took a Eprom dump of the dash pod just incase.

Say Good bye to your old lowline dash

Once you have all this information you can now get the tools out and start taking the van apart. Disconnect the battery then you need to remove the Right lower dash trim, Steering column covers, remove and replace the column switch,  you will also need to fit 3 wires into the big 41 pin plug. I have tried every where to find the connectors on there own and with no luck, here are the tiny connectors

So in the end I used some VW repair wires and extended them to make the 3 wire loom – the part number is 000-979-018E and you need 3 off them.

These 3 wires fit into the T41 connector on the back of the indicator switch pins 24-23-18, you have to be very neat fitting the wires otherwise the cover wont fit back on the wiring plug.

Cover refitted:

Once the switch is in you need to look under the dash at the back of the dashpod you will see 2x torx screws remove these and pull the dashpod towards you unplug the blue and green connector, you will need to remove the cover off the green plug and put the 3 wires into pins 23-24-25  like this:

(T41) – Function – T32
23 – MFA – – 24
24 – MFA + – 23
18 – MFA r – 25

T41 = 41 pin connector on wiper switch
T32 = Connector on dashpod

Place the highline dashpod into the van and pop everything back together,  Once back together reconnect the battery (make sure the battery is good and charged up),  Start VCDS and select address 17 – instrument cluster.

Select 07 – Recode and enter the 5 digit code from from your saved scan.

Then choose 10 – Adaption then we choose channel 50 enter the 4 digit pin that VAG-Tacho pulled out but place a 0 before the pin number to make it 5 digits. Then click test and then save, exit back to the main screen and switch the ignition off wait at least 2 minuites.   Switch the ignition select 17 – instrument cluster and now in the extra field should be you chassis number (VIN).

Next you match the keys to dashpod (you need to do all the keys you have)

Check you adaption file and in address 09 should be your mileage in KM (x1o) double check this is correct as you only get one chance of doing this!!!!! No select 17 – instrument cluster then 10 – Adaption then channel 09 enter  the same value from the old cluster.  Exit back out and your mileage should be the same as original.  Now enter the numbers from adaption channels 40-45 from old to the new this keeps your service schedule the same.

Now carry out a full scan and clear all the fault codes, check everything works.

Get driving and enjoying you new dash 🙂

Here some videos of the dashpod at night and with the MFA working

This is a guide to help you swap the dashpod to a Highline with MFA,  This might not work on every T5 van, the info in this guide might not be correct please check before doing anything to your van!

**** UPDATE *****

I’ve been running my van now and love the highline dashpod.   I’ve been trying to get the radio display working and tried a Gamma radio but this still doesn’t work with my dashpod and now know I need a CAN BUS radio for the radio display in the dash to work.

  1. Mick Reply

    Nice work I’m currently trying this myself but I’m stuck with the PIN code. I looked at VAG Tacho but wasn’t sure if it work can you tell me which version I need as some don’t work 2005 T5’s?

    Any help would be really appreciated also did your outside temperature just work or did you have to install extra bits.



    • Toby Gardner Reply

      I used VAG-Tacho version 3.01 on my 2005 2.5TDI, the main thing is to use VCDS and check what make dash is installed – if it made by VDO then VAG-Tacho should pull the pin number (motometer or bosch then it struggles)

      I checked on ETOS with my chassis number and my transporter all ready had the outside temp sensor installed, another way to check is to use VCDS again – Select 17, then measuring blocks and look through, if you have battery voltage, oil temp, outside temp then everything is all ready installed


  2. Mick Reply

    Sorry to pester you like this but your my best shot at getting this done. Just been looking on ebay for vag-tacho but they all say up to 2004 mine is like yours 2005 where did you get yours from?

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      All ebay leads are a risk and a clone of this persons –

      My version 3.01 has worked with 3 transporters 04/54/05 plates, but didnt work with a 56 plate.

      I’m still not sure if it can pull the pin number from a dashpod that not programmed into the van???? So if your trying to fit a second hand dashpod i’m not sure if it will work??? (let me know if it does)


  3. Mick Reply

    Managed to get the pins from both dashpods no probs but I’m using vag 303 which asked for a 7-digit PIN/SKC do you know if that’s to do with my van or is it Vag?
    Thanks for help!

  4. Toby Gardner Reply

    Instrument Cluster Swapping (Used Cluster)


    The NEW (USED) cluster is installed in the car.
    Battery voltage at least 12.0 V.
    All relevant coding and adaptation values have been transferred from the OLD (ORIGINAL) cluster to the NEW (USED) cluster.
    Immo 3 Audi vehicles typically use adaptation channels 060, 06 1and 062 for the internal installation list since they do not have address 19-CAN Gateway. If in question, run a complete Adaptation Control Module Map with the old module installed.
    Make sure to have BOTH PIN’s, from the OLD (ORIGINAL) and the NEW (USED) instrument cluster.
    Make sure to have the Radio Code (for factory radios only).

    [17 – Instruments]

    [Login – 11]
    For the following procedure, use the PIN of the NEW (USED) instrument cluster.

    4-digit PIN
    Enter zero followed by the 4-digit PIN directly in the Login field. For example, if your PIN is 1234, enter 01234.
    If you have a 4-digit PIN then you would NOT use the 7-digit PIN/SKC button at all

    [Do it!]

    [Adaptation – 10]
    Enter 050 in “Channel Number”.
    For the following procedure, use the PIN of the OLD (ORIGINAL) instrument cluster.

    4-digit PIN
    Enter zero followed by the 4-digit PIN directly in the New Value field. For example, if your PIN is 1234, enter 01234.
    If you have a 4-digit PIN then you would NOT use the 7-digit PIN/SKC button at all

    [Done, Go Back]
    [Close Controller, Go Back – 06]

    Switch OFF the ignition and let the car sit for ~1 minute, then switch ON the ignition again.
    Verify that the NEW (USED) instrument cluster now shows the VIN/IMMO-ID of the vehicle now.

    Proceed with Key Matching now.

    • Mick Reply

      Your and absolute star it’s mint, just need to sort the wiring now.

      Thanks very much!

      • Toby Gardner Reply

        No problem, glad you have got it sorted out,

        I have put some more pictures up of the wiring you need to do, I’ve just got to add in the pin details and wiring part numbers

        • Mick Reply

          Yeah just noticed last night I’m off too TPS to see if they have any wires or pins if not I’ve found a site that sells them

          • Toby Gardner

            I used 000-979-018E but 000-979-081EA will also work but are little more expensive as there gold plated.

            Good luck on connecting the radio, I check the wiring diagram and it looks like you need a radio that talks to the canbus system, which most single din units dont do.

  5. Mick Reply

    You have a wiring diagram…?

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      I have in printed form, The Dashpod wiring is split between all the diagrams.

      What did you want to know?

  6. Mick Reply

    About the radio to dashpod. My friend has a 04 van with factory satnav and full screen dashpod and it displays the radio and satnav info but I don’t think it’s canbus (not 100%) but would be interesting to identify the wires and look for differences. Any chance you could scan them or take a pic and then email them to me.
    Got all the buttons working on the dashpod it’s -2.5 outside lol I can’t thank you enough for your help.

    Just let me know if you want my email address, seen you on the t5 forum I can pm it to you.

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Hi Mick,

      I’ve been checking the radio thing out and try with VCDS go 56-Radio then coding and +4 to the coding (eg if it 00001, change it to 00005)

      It does seem to work on my Dash but then I did spec the dash for with Sat-nav


      • Mick Reply

        Tried it today but it didn’t work 🙁 my radio wouldn’t let me change it to 00005 it would only go as high as 00003 think it’s a bit to basic. I do have a radio from a Golf which has loads more pins on the back but I need the code for it as it was from a scrap yard. Don’t suppose you have a code calculator?

        • Toby Gardner Reply

          Most new VW radios don’t work with calculators and need to have the case removed and the Eeprom read to get the code. Most radio hops will do this for £10-15

          If upgrading you want a Gamma radio as these are the only ones with Dash display output – But the dashpod need to be a multivan dash not a caravelle dash

  7. John Reply

    Hello, from where ca i get a Highline dashpod like yours or a new model but to fit my t5 2008 2.5 tdi, thank you

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      There are 2 options –
      Brand new from VW they are £330+ VAT – Remember the dash’s have a £190+ VAT surcharge
      2nd hand – Make sure it from the same year as van and the PR codes match for the dash

      Also the clone versions of VAG-Tacho dont seem to work with a 2008 van, you need the full version for it to work 🙂

  8. Graeme Reply

    Hi mate, great work.

    Did you get the radio display to work with Gamma?

    I have a couple of ideas if not.

    Also have a couple of other questions.

    Please email me.


  9. Jonh Reply

    Hello. I fit my cruise control retrofit on my t5 2.5tdi 2008 and after 3mounth stop working. I check all wire but everything looks fine. You have any ideea what could happen.? I thank you

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Check the clutch/brake pedal switches is working.


  10. Ad Simmo Reply

    I have a 2005 Caravelle with rns mfd sat nav and including the dis for dashpod navigation data. I had an overcharging alternator and the navigation module in the dis (dashpod) stopped showing the nav module, but still shows mileage clocks and temps etc. How do you reset the fault as it doesn’t appear in vagcom. Do you need vagtacho? Any advice please?

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Try disconnecting the battery and leaving for over an hour, if that doesn’t work. Try keeping the reset button on the underside off the wiper switched pressed. see if that makes it come back on

  11. Jonh Reply

    hello, i still have the problem with cruise control. sometime its working but not all the time. NOW i have another big problem… i use VCDS on my van in section instrument and A bit T led show on the cluster and in the screen where show the number of kilometers now shou just line line line… please help me

  12. Levi Reply

    Hi Toby. I have followed your work on your VW T5 and now I have decided to change my VW T5 2004 lowline dashpod to a Highline dashpod. But I dont have Wiper stalk with MFA buttons, where did you get them? Sorry for my bad english. Levi

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      I order a cruise control kit from VW but made sure they ordered the option with MFA. While you have got the van apart you might as well fit the cruise control

  13. Levi Reply

    OK.Thanks for advise. I will be back with the results.

  14. John Vassiliadis Reply

    Toby hi.

    I have been looking forward to communicating with someone familiar with this issue of mine!Well Toby i would like to adapt a Full FIS MFA Tacho into my A3 Audi which now has a Half Fis display showing only outside temperature which has been activated also by me!The car came from Germany and had this feature switched off so i used VCDS to activate it!After that i installed a cruise control and a remote control Central Pump from an S3 just to have the 3button key.After that nothing.Always wanted to install a full size display Tacho but hesitated!Would you be so kind to help me out by sending me a detailed guide of the things that i need to do in order to accomplish that?I have already found a tacho and a wiper MFA stalk and wiring is of no issue!I only hesitate using vagtacho which i don’t have and adapting the immo to the engine!Also the key matching is an issue!II have read you article on the t5 highline mfa tacho

    but i still would like some help here!Can you please help me if you have some spare time in order to do it together?I wish i was close to you but i am located in Greece which is a bit far from coming and doing it with you mate hahaha!My email address is or in case you have already some info made up in a file!I will be looking forward to hearing news from you soon.Please excuse my will to send you an email just like that asking things from you.I just got so excited finding a specialist who’s got the skills for the job.I believe together we can do it!

    Kind regards
    John Vassiliadis

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Hi John

      I can help you but I’m very busy at the moment.

      Best bet is to get hold of a copy of VAG-TACHO and see if it will retrieve the PIN(SKC) for you? I’ve found it to be a little fussy on what cars it talks too.

      Once you have the Pin (SKC) then we can go on from there


  15. Chris Reply

    From experience when I last did this on a VW, you need an extra cable to get the radio information to display on none canbus vehicles.

    the cables goes directly from the back of the clocks to the radio. Toby, do you have a photo of the rear of your clocks? I might be able to point you in the right direction.


    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Hi Chris

      I’ve not got a picture off the back of my clocks but there are 2 plugs – Blue and Green think there both 32 pin plugs

      I’ve also been informed by another person that I need to wire up the 3LB wires from the radio to the dashpod.
      I have now fitted a early MFD1 radio to my van so will get this working then try putting the 3 extra wires in to see if that works.
      If you can point me in the direction off what pins they use that would be lovely



      • Chris Reply

        Hi Toby,
        I am due to receive some T5 clocks with full height MFA tomorrow (Wanted the highline but just cant get hold of them!!) I will take some photos and get them over to you.


  16. Anthony Reply

    Hi just thought id let you know i installed a second hand instrument cluster today mine was only the half size display with fuel computer.
    I picked a cluster from the same aged vehicle and engine code, I only used Vag Tacho. I read my old Cluster with Vag Tacho and saved the file,I then installed the new cluster and used Vag Tacho again to install my saved file into the Cluster, I then followed your wiring diagram for the MFA stalk.
    I now have outside temp and fuel Computer Thanks for your guide.

    • Martin Reply

      Hello, going to upgrade my existing (no FIS)instrument cluster with half FIS display and MFA wiper stalk. Have Vag Tacho only. Could you explain how did you copy and write original file (select whole file and write or copy and paste just some highlight sections) into the new cluster (with FIS display)? Thanks in advance

      • TobesAdmin Reply

        You cant copy and paste the Eeprom, you need to retrive the PIN (SKC) number and then use this to match the FIS dashpod to the van. If you copy the old Eeprom you will loose the code for the FIS to work.

        You really need Vag-Tacho and VCDS to do the conversion properly.

        • Martin Reply

          Have bot pins retrieved from both instrument clusters with Vag Tacho. All required wiring done. During immobiliser adaptation with VCDS (borrowed from pal, clone but works perfect) had Login Error with display message “login lost due to dropped session”. Just weird. Partial copy and paste with old to new looks like problem solution. Again thanks for reply.

      • Anthony Reply

        Hi i did my dash clock change with Vag Tacho only. I read the original Clocks eprom and saved file then installed my new Clocks loaded my saved file and wrote eprom and it worked first time maybe i was just lucky
        Ive since changed my Network Control Module and installed Cruise control and that works fine as well i did use vag com to enable this 🙂

  17. Scrallar Reply

    I am going to install Highline dashpod in my transporter T5 tomorrow.

    If I take pin 24 from the indicator switch, Which pin should I mount it in the green connector? Should it be mounted in 23 or 24 or 25

    Or doesn’t it matter what cable/pin that goes from the indikator switch in to the green connector?

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      (T41) – Function – T32
      23 – MFA – – 24
      24 – MFA + – 23
      18 – MFA r – 25

      T41 = 41 pin connector on wiper switch
      T32 = Connector on dashpod

  18. Scrallar Reply

    It worked! Thanks for a nice guide 🙂

  19. POL Reply

    As i see the new tacho has an oil temp gauge.Is it working to your car?I search mine with vcds and it came up that I have outside temp and oil temp.Did you check them to you?

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      It you have a reading off oil temp in VCDS then a highline dash will display the oil temp.

      My oil temp and battery voltage work corectly 🙂

  20. steve Morris Reply

    Hi Toby,

    Some great info here, Not got my T5 yet still looking, but got my eye on a 2009,in an ideal world I would like to get one with all the bells and whistles, but just can’t stretch, but will be bookmarking this page as a valuable source of info

  21. Stephen ferguson Reply

    Hi there,

    I have a 2009 on a 58 plate 2.5 tdi t5, wondering what clocks will fit, will passat tdi one fit? Do i need to look for a specific year or model number.



    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Hi Stephen,

      I’m not sure on what other clocks will fit/work. VW Sharan ones look very similar but never tested.

      I just brought the brand new high line version that listed for my van.

      On a 2009 please check you can retrieve the pin number with your tool as my VAG-Tacho doesn’t seem to like vans after 2007



  22. Nick Evans Reply

    Could I fit: Part no: 3B0 920 925A
    Instead of part no: 7H0 920 950R

    Obviously programming using your guide.

    The clocks are second hand so do I need any details for the vehicle they were removed from?

    To upgrade my T5 1.9 tdi 2003?????


    • Toby Gardner Reply

      No idea if they will fit as your trying to fit Passat (3B0) into a T5 (7H0)

      I brought a brand new highline cluster from VW for my van.

      To swap a used cluster is slightly different –

  23. Rod Sleigh Reply

    Toby, I see from your early comments that you have not been able to find the connectors to fit VW multi way couplings. I have sourced some from Wurth, not used them yet but they match the ones that are on the VW repair wires that I have bought in the past.
    I suggest that you go into a Wurth outlet and ask if they have the sample card to compare with as the catalogue is a waste of time. My nearest is at Tipton in the West Midlands, the manager there is Neil Richards and is very helpful.


    • Toby Gardner Reply

      I have brought all the connectors from wurth they list for a VW. I also have the VAG connector selection box from wurth but the connectors used in the dash appear to unique to the dash.

      Thank you for trying any information is appreciated.

  24. Mark Reply

    Will this work on a 2007 1.9 tdi it has outside temp probe on front bumper ??

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Best option is to check the readings in vag-com (VCDS) 17-Instruments and make sure you have outside temp readings in there.

  25. Mark Reply

    It does show outside temp

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      The it should have what you need for it to work.

      The only thing Ive heard is some ebay copies off VAG-Tacho dont like 2006 onwards van and wont pull the pin number out the dashpod

  26. Mark Reply

    Think it should be ok cause i can play about with milage ??

  27. Adam Reply

    Hi toby.
    In the middle of my swap, and ive just noticed my dash pod has two multi pin plugs going to it. But the midline one ive brought to go in, only has one plug connector

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      What are the part numbers off the dashpod in your van and the new one to fit in?

  28. Rod Sleigh Reply

    Since I reported that some connectors were available from Wurth I can confirm the following…

    Wurth PN 0558 1909 connectors = those fitted to VW wire 000 979 131E
    Wurth PN 0558 19022 connectors = those fitted to VW wire 000 979 009E

    It is almost imperceivable but there is a key on one side of the 0558 19022 to ensure correct orientation of the connector in the shell.

    Also remember that if you have a Purple section to the connector shell it will almost certainly be some sort of locking device that must be moved before a connector can be inserted / removed. The way in which this moves can be somewhat less than obvious!

    I am not saying that the above connectors fit the dash pod but I have used them on the BCM and dash switches successfully when wiring a HRW the correct way!

    If you have a knowledgeable parts man in your Van Centre he should be able to identify which repair wires fit the dash pod connector shell. There is a section of ETKA that gives this info relating all options for a particular connector shell.


    • Toby Gardner Reply

      The 000-979-018E look very promising for the dashpod wires,

      When I did the conversion 4 years ago now I spent so much money on connectors trying to do it without using repair wires. I gave up and used the repair wires.

      Ill get some ordered and see what they look like.

      The micro power timer and junior power timer I have all the connectors for now. The micro power timer have the purple locking tab.

      Cheers Rod

  29. Martin Reply


    I have a 2008 2.5 T5 that I want to retrofit either a mid or highline cluster, however I am just about to fit an OEM RCD510 and OEM 9w7 Bluetooth kit along with the 2010 onwards dash surround,

    If I fit the RCD510 will it work with a Highline cluster, as in show the radio display etc?



    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Not without an adaptor as the T5 is Canbus TP1.6 and the RNS510 is Canbus TP2.0.

      Canshank used to make them but dont seems to be making them any more.

  30. Ron Reply

    Hi Toby, I need some assistance with a can bus upgrade on a T5 2.5 TDI 2008, Is this something you have knowledge about ?

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      I know a bit, but it depends which Canbus system your changing.

  31. Martyn Reply

    Hi Toby,

    I don’t suppose you have a list of dash pod part numbers and their variances?

    The last letter is obviously a designation for variance.


    • Toby Gardner Reply

      I don’t have a list. The best bet is to use an VW online parts lookup
      the problem is the end letter is for different version but there also a 3 digit color code after the letter that seems to relate to further versions (the main problem is the color code is not printed on the old dash pod!)

  32. Mark Reply

    Hi how do you code the mfd using vcds I’ve got some idea but I just want to make sure . 17 instruments . What options do I need to check and so on I’ve researched it but no one actually shows a video of them doing it can you please explain cheers mark

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      The coding should be selecting the same options fitted to your van.

      Most of the time it the same before/after the retrofit.

      What year is your van? And what coding do you have already?

  33. John Reply

    Great work im struggling ive fitted a tdi cluster same as per pic . Most things work .but ive no …
    Speedo working
    No indicators showing
    No cluster back light showning on my 2007 t5 1.9tdi which had low line cluster ie no temp gauge .any help or advise on this my email

  34. John Reply

    Any idea on t5 pinouts s my indicators
    Dash illumination and speedo dosent work 07

  35. Laurentiu Reply

    Hi there

    This is a cluster from Sharan?

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Nope this is a cluster from a Highline T5, I have to say the sharan cluster looks very similar but the icon will be wrong shape in the middle and not sure if there are any other problems?

  36. Jerek Reply

    Toby, the part number of the T5 highline cluster would be helpful, can you add it to the blog post?

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Im not sure how helpful it will be as there are many different versions depending on the PR codes. My Dashpod was 7H5 920 970LX Z03
      That fits a 2.5 Tdi 12/2003-6/2005 Manual gearbox with PR code 1AJ

  37. Matija Reply

    Thank you, I have put highline tacho in my t5 and your tutorial was most helpful.

  38. Mark Lissaman Reply

    Hi Toby, I have a 2006 T5 (T30), I would very much like to upgrade the cluster to a hi-line, but I think you mentioned that there a few to choose, and you need to ensure its the right one? how do I check this and also how do I find the part numbers of compatible hi lines clusters

  39. Will Phillips Reply

    Hi Toby,

    I have a 2014 Leon tdi, and I want to put in the digital cockpit along with the mib2 nav system with full link, is there any chance you could help with e fitting and coding?


    • Toby Gardner Reply

      The short answer is no. The 2014 model uses can bus and has component protection which needs a online geko connection to remove. You need to find someone with ODIS also the part if second hand can’t have a stolen marker against them or will refuse to program them in.

  40. Norbert Ebner Reply

    Hello Mr. Gardner!
    As I also plan to update my T5.1 (2008) with a more sophisticated dashpod, searching for howto informations I found your blog.
    Currently I am having problems reading the EEPROM content to retrieve the login number. Which kind of interface did you use to communicate via K-line. I tried the rosstech HEX-V2 and an ELM327 but VAG eeprom Programmer, vag K-line kommander could not connect.
    In one project you modified a memory location to change the lighting. Do you also now the memory location to change the “k-number” (I have larger tires fitted and the odometer shows less speed).
    Thank you in advance!

  41. Norbert Ebner Reply

    Hello Mr. Gardner!
    Looking for a way to retrofit my T5 with an more sphisticated dashpod than the ordinary one, I came accross your blog here.
    I have problems to read out the login string using HEX-V2 from Rosstech wirh VAG-eeprom-programmer and vag-k-commander. Could you please advice which interface you used to communicate. Thank you in advance.
    Kind Regards, Norbert

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Hi Norbert

      I used a VAG-Tacho lead to read the pin from mine.
      It not easy to upgrade to a newer dashpod as the CAN-BUS change- TP1.6 to TP2.0

      Another way to upgrade the dash pod is this –


  42. Norbert Ebner Reply

    Thank you very much for you reply!
    I already have a dashpod from an T5.1 (wtihout facelift) with MFA which I am completely fine with. So I guess that the process is the same like you described here.
    I dont’ know if you got my other question. Do you know the memory location to change the K-values for the adjustment of the speedometer? Is there a checksum that has to be calculated?
    Thank you!

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      T5.1 (non facelift) is surely a T5 one?
      Have you got a picture or part number off the dashpod?
      Don’t know the location of the speedo adjustment I’m afraid,
      Never needed to change the check sum when I did the cruise control light change.


  43. David Reply

    Hey Toby,
    Been following your blog for a while, now I have the chance to tell you amazing work!

    I have a question for you and though I might as well drop it here, although is not directly related to swapping the speedo in the T5.

    I’ve installed a colorMFA in my 2005 T5. My original speedo was the half MFA, with cruise control and the three-button stalk.

    It’s been on for slightly over a year.

    I have experienced an issue, the same one a few times, and so far have never managed to sort it out. Recently, a second issue has appeared.

    So from time to time, and this happened a total of 4 times in the last year, I get into the van, turn the key and the colorMFA does not light up. Dead. after a few seconds, the engine fan go on full blast.

    The van won’t start.

    So I disconnect the battery briefly, and the whole system seem to reset and work again.

    I have of course talked to the UK supplier of the colorMFA, and been told the display is only a reader of the CAN info, can’t be responsible for messing with the CAN module or the ECU.
    I should add that since I was worried something was wrong with it I had sent the colorMFA back to be checked, and it came out fine.

    So I keep using the van, all is good, apart from when it all stops working again, then I disconnect the battery and reconnect, all is good.

    Now from a month or so, whenever I turn the key on I get a loud BEEP, like the one you get when you’re on reserve fuel, or some light comes up on the dash.

    Checked everything with VCDS.
    No faults.
    Tested the cluster, OK.

    Then noticed that when external temperature is below 4 °C, there will be NO BEEP. Then you DO get the beep after a few second you have started the engine, as it tells you to be careful as outside temperature is low. This is the normal behaviour.

    However, when external temperature is ABOVE 4 ° C, I do get the BEEP as soon as I turn the key. And then there is no further BEEP.

    So I thought this could be a bad outside temperature sensor. Though the temp reading seems fine.

    I tracked down the sensor to the back of the bumper, disconnected it and turned the key.

    I got a message saying “outside temperature sensor failure” and sure enough the engine fans started full blast!

    This reminded me of the issue described above, when the colorMFA goes crazy and stops working, and as soon as I turn the key the fans start blowing.

    I wonder whether the two things are connected.

    And whether it isn’t the colorMFA messing with my dashpod, but possibly my dashpod itself is faulty?

    I did the install myself, it is possible I did something wrong. Although I did check and rechecked, and all seemed good. In fact it worked fine for months before I got the first ever issue with the colorMFA non working. And recently this thing with the temp sensor.

    Is there a way to fully test the dashpod for faults, maybe with VAG-Tacho?

    I’ve also though about replacing the whole dashpod with an Highline one as per your guide, but to be honest the colorMFA is very good and I’d be sorry to see it go for an outdated all-red full MFA .

    Many thanks for any insight on this matter.


    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Hi David

      There a lot of information and that helpful

      Start with basics:

      I have of course talked to the UK supplier of the colorMFA, and been told the display is only a reader of the CAN info, can’t be responsible for messing with the CAN module or the ECU.

      Any thing in a CAN BUS system can bring a CAN BUS system down (Only time this cant happen it with inductive clamps around the CAN BUS wires)

      I have seen this issue before and it was a faulty engine ECU
      To test it, Carry out a full scan with the van working and then when the van wont start and fans are on – do a full scan with VCDS and see what ECU it cant communicate with.
      Start by checking power and earths to the non communicating ECU and if they are ok then most times it the ECU it self – there are repair company’s that will repair your one for you


      • David Reply

        Hi Toby,
        Many thanks for replying.

        I’ve carried out the full VCDS test many times now and it has always come back OK. I suspect it is going to be difficult to see whether I can actually test the van when the issue occurs, as this has only happened 4 times in one year and I can’t really predict when if would occur again.

        I should add a very important piece of information: one of the times the issue occurred, I tried disconnect the dashpod rather than the battery – I have actually left the dashpod sitting in the dash without the screws so I can pull it out quickly.

        As soon as I reconnected the dashpod, all was good.

        I guess since the CANBUS module is within the dashpod, it makes sense that if the issue is actually in the ECU, either disconnecting the battery or separating the ECU from the CANBUS module effectively resets the system.

        I should also mention that the van has been remapped – not sure whether this could affect the ECU at all, in fact the remap was only done once.

        Would you say that a sensible option could be just removing the ECU and sending it to some company for a thorough check? This at least would rule it out from being the issue, or clearly show where the problem is.

        Somehow though I’m inclined to think the problem is within my dashpod, as this only started after I’ve fitted the colorMFA.

        I could try find an Highline dashpod and follow your guide here to replace mine, and see whether things change for the better. I imagine that I could revert back to my colorMFA dashpod by repeating the process, right? Or even swap the colorMFA to the Highline dashpod.

        Unless I can run a test on the dashpod CANBUS module?

        Sorry about the blurb.

        And a million thanks,

  44. Darius Reply

    Hi Toby, how do I activate the oil temperature gauge in VCDS? Can you help me?

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Providing your van has a oil temp sensor it should just work.

  45. Matija Žic Reply

    Hi, oil temp sensor is on oil level sensor, if you dont have connector on that sensor you have to put wires from tacho connector to oil level connector

  46. Alex Reply

    Hi Toby.

    Just to say, the repair wires needed are actually 3 of 000 979 009 E. The ones in your post have the wrong latching terminal and whilst they physically fit, they don’t lock in correctly into the housing.

    Did the retrofit to mine yesterday and discovered this! Almost finished, just need a new version of VAGTacho to read the cluster pin as mine was too old.

  47. BILL Williams Reply

    Hi,I want to change the dashpod in my 2008 t5 to the following one any help would be very much appreciated, 7e0920,960e,dated 07/03/2012,it only has one wiring plug on the back, mine has 2 plugs, thanks in advance, Bill

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      This dashpod is no good as it from a T5.1 and wont fit unless you carry out MAJOR work.
      You need one from a 2007-2009 dashpod

  48. BILL Williams Reply

    Ok thanks, more trouble than it’s worth then

  49. Andrew Webber Reply

    Hi Toby, great blog and currently just researching doing this to my T5 2006 :). I did a VCDS scan of my instrument panel and I can see I have oil temp and ambient temperature (I could click on them and get values etc), but I didn’t see a battery voltage. Does that mean a High Line won’t display the voltage or was I looking in the wrong place?

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Yes it should display battery voltage, There should be measuring block there for it, but because they have to have a power and earth for the dash to work it already has everything it needs.

      • Andrew Reply

        Thanks Toby I will take another look 🙂

  50. Freddy Reply

    Hi Toby, I have 2009 2.5TDi AT,which number of cluster can I install?
    Like 7H5920872K can use?
    Or How can I determine which ones are available?


  51. Joe Reply

    Hi Toby,
    I have fitted a midline cluster but first read my old eeprom then programmed the new cluster with the eeprom data with vag tacho.
    Have I lost all the midline data as I did a straight eeprom copy and VCDS is still showing old cluster part number 952B and not 860E so I have no midline functions.
    I have fitted the stalk and cabling and the seem okay.

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Did you take a copy off the eprom from the midline dash?

      If yes restore that to the midline dashpod and then using my guide adapt that to the van. This will change the VIN and immobilizer data to match your van, once complete you can then try and change the milage to match.

      If you didn’t take a backup you will need to find a copy online and then complete what I said above.


      • Joe Reply

        Hi Toby,
        I did but I’ve messed up as both of my backups are the same (lowline) so no midline data.
        Finding a copy online is proving hard but thanks for you reply.

  52. Luke Reply

    HI Toby,

    How do i know which part no for the Highline clocks is suitable for my 2007 2.5 T5 and also is there a way of checking if i have an oil temp sensor before installing the clocks is it visible in the engine bay?


    • Toby Gardner Reply

      I don’t know the part number I’m afraid. For the oil temp you can check using a diagnostic tool or check if you have a oil level and temp sensor in the sump pan if you have a sensor then you will have a oil temp reading in the dash.

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