Great Doddington Weather Station

If anyone has been a long time follower of my website you will know I used to have my own weather station on my house that provided real time updates of the weather in Great Doddington, Northamptonshire. This was setup in November 2006 and had been running with very little problems until early 2012 when the rain gauge stopped working, I took the sensor apart but the circuit board had rotted away. This was shortly followed by the wind direction and speed sensor. Here are some pictures off the old setup.
Rain Gauge (3)Rain GaugeOld dell server that used to run the weather stationWeather stationOld Weather Station layout


Knowing I needed a new station I started looking around but some vital house items needed doing so the weather station got delayed until now.

I have just installed a Oregon Scientific WMR200 weather station with extra UV sensor.

As the old unit had already been installed I started by installing the new display unit.  This was simple enough apart from the new unit is USB and the old was serial

Display unit and computerControl / Display unit


Next step the rain and UV sensor were fitted,  the best place I found was on the woodwork at the bottom off the garden

UV and rain sensors


Next the Wind speed and direction were mounted along with the outside temperature sensor, These were mounted on to a 10 foot x 1.5″ pole

Wind direction and speed sensor, with outside temperature sensor, mounted to 10 foot 1.5" pole

Then this was pole was mounted to the side of my house to give a good clear open view off the wind

Wind direction and speed sensor Wind unit sticking above house

The control unit was then connected to my new server running Windows Home Server (WHS) and the OS software was installed. This was then linked upto the Weather Display software.  The weather display software then uploads the data to my webhosting were it then converted to a flash file for easy viewing.

Great Doddington Live weather Station (Click here)





  1. Brian Reply

    Hi Toby, I have just moved into Great Doddington, and have been looking round the net for history information about the town… As well as finding, I came across your weather station stat page too, which I have now bookmarked 🙂

    I appreciate your time (and money) in putting together such a project, and making the information available thought the net.

  2. jari iasomaki Reply

    Hello Toby and greetings from finland.
    one time you did, “retro fit VW T5 high line dashbod”. do you know whether vw sahran the same instrumentation as the VW T5 -04

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      The dashpod is a different shape, but the main boards look the same.
      I’ve been looking into swapping a Sharan main board into my old T5 pod. The biggest challenge is to find the software to suit. I guessing you will need to upload T5 Eeprom to the sharan board.

      I see the thinking as the Sharan dashpod are very cheap.

      Let me know how you get on?


  3. jari iasomaki Reply

    thanks for the reply, the biggest problem is that I can not find vw highline used in instrumentation
    therefore examining this option
    I’ll tell you yes when I get more info

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