Bluetooth Retrofit to VW Scirocco

VW Factory bluetooth retrofit to 2010 VW Scirocco  with RCD510 radio

After doing a lot of research on the Fiscon Bluetooth and the VW factory kits I decided on the factory one.   The reason is the integration into the factory MFA display (white version),  full use of the multi function steering wheel and the factory version being cheaper (more on this reason later).

What you need:

  • Factory Bluetooth kit – Ebay or the like
  • CAN-BUS repair wires – 000-979-987
  • Fabric tape – 000-979-950
I brought the cheap factory Bluetooth retrofit kit off Ebay this was great value at under £200 but when I reading up I noticed a lot of people saying the CAN-BUS wire are not twisted like the VW specification states, this was fine by me as saving some money and modding/hacking is right up my street.
First thing was to work out which were the CAN-BUS wires these went into pins 18/17 in the 54pin bluetooth plug and this feeds into pins 10/9 in the quadlock connector (So CAN-LOW = T54/18 into T16/10 and CAN-HIGH = T54/17 into T16/9), Next I removed the cover off the bluetooth plug (T54) and removed the pins (because I didn’t own any of the small pins I disassembled  the wires from the terminals) I now crimped and soldered the CAN-BUS repair wires into the terminals and refitted them back into the plug and un-taped the loom removed the old cables and re-taped the new CAN-BUS ones in.
I now moved onto the Quadlock end (T16) the link wires between the male and female quadlock connectors were also untwisted so I remove these wires,  as the quadlock connector used  standard power timer terminals I has some new ones of these.  One end I crimped and soldered some more of the repair wires at the female end I joined both the quadlock and bluetooth connectors together to give my T off with very little untwisted cables.  Taped up the wires and the loom now it  ready for fitting.
As this kit covers many cars and there are many good guides like  Octavia-VRS guide. I wont go into too much details on the install other then these features:
To be installed properly a lot needs to be removed.
The factory bluetooth unit fits under the drivers seat to fit the wiring in correctly I found it best to remove the drivers seat, sill trim and drivers lower dashboard.
The main loom then sits behind the radio so I removed the radio unit.
The microphone wire runs up the Left A pillar so I removed the glove box and A pillar trim I also dropped the headlining down and remove the interior light unit.
Mounting points under drivers seat
Where to run the wires down the sill
A fair amount of the car stripped apart
VW Microphone that mounts behind the interior light unit
Once everything is back together and installed re-connect the battery and using VCDS carry out a full autoscan. Once complete check there no new fault codes (you might have one saying steering angle sensor – this is normal – Use this guide to rectify the fault)  Now we re-code the 19- CAN-Gateway  to say we have 77- Telephone installed.  when the code is saved disconnect VCDS and switch of the ignition and wait about 45 seconds.  Re-connect VCDS and re-autoscan the car.  Now enter 77- Telephone and check the coding is correct for your options, do the same for 56- Radio and 16- Steering wheel.  Once complete disconnect VCDS and ignition off again. Restart and enjoy your new bluetooth kit 🙂
Connected to my phone
Phonebook integration that works through the RCD510 or the MFA/DIS
  1. haim t Reply

    can you be moor specific about “CAN-LOW = T54/16 into T16/10 and CAN-HIGH = T54/17 into T16/9”?
    you can see pin number 9 and 10 in rcd510, but where can i see the terms T54/9 for example?

  2. Toby Gardner Reply


    I’ve just checked the diagram and looks like pin 16 to 10 Might have been wrong. Well spotted.

    T54 connector can be found here

    I have updated the blog post to the correct pins so please refresh this page to make sure it uses pins 17/18

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