How to enable VW Transporter T5 comfort windows (up/down with remote)

This is a guide to turning on comfort windows (Windows controlled by the key) on a T5 VW Transporter.

Tools you will need:

  • A T5 van with factory remote central locking and factory electric windows.
  • An old computer/laptop with ms-dos  – Basic skills in MS-DOS
  • Serial lead to connect to your car (Search – KKL COM port cable)
  • VDS pro
  • Battery support unit (optional but recommended)  I use a Ring Smart Charge Pro 35
If the battery voltage drop too low when performing the programming the ECU might become unusable 

How to do it:
Remove battery cover and connect battery support unit.
Wait for the set voltage to be reached
Now connect the lead to the T5 van and to the computer
Boot the computer into ms-dos

Using dos commands like dir/w find VDS pro and load program by typing VDC_E.EXE

(If you unsure try

r: – Press enter

dir/w – press enter

VDC_E.EXE – press enter)

VDS pro will try to connect to your car, if successful great if not try changing the com port.

Once connected you need to select central convenience module (CCM) type number 46

Once connected to the CCM you need to login. Type 11 and then login 19283

Now you want to read EEPROM, type 26. Now choose your memory location, type 04361 – Make a note off all the readings

  • You should have something along the lines off 0,10,10,176,176,176,100,100,100,255.  The first 3 are the important ones
  • In binary code works like this   128,64,32,16,8,4,2,1
  • So 0= 00000000      10=00001010  (because we have 1 in the 2 and 8 positions add them together =10)
  • We need to change the 10 to 2 so it works like this 2=00000010

We now need to change the value so type 27 now enter 04362 and 02

We now need to change the value so type 27 now enter 04363 and 02

Now press ALT-X

Unplug the lead and now test your now comfort windows

  1. john Reply

    is it possible to do automatic folding mirrors? with this software.

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Afraid not, for folding mirrors you have to fit a Audi 361 Relay

  2. Milan Reply

    Hello Toby, can you send me eeprom dump from ccm and windows drivers for T5 please? Thank you.

  3. Milan Reply

    Thank You very much.That’s what I want.

  4. Muhammed Reply

    I have got 2004 7h Multivan
    Can I make this coding with vcds or Delphi Software ?

    Confort Module 46
    Login 19283
    Adaptation 10
    Chanel 26
    After ? what can I do ?

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      You CAN’T do this VCDS or Delphi software,
      You need a RS232 serial cable, computer running MS-DOS and VDS-Pro.
      You are editing the EEprom in the CCM and almost all scan tools wont do this.

      • Muhammed Reply

        I understand
        Adress Old New
        04361 10 2
        04362 10 2
        04363 10 2

        Can you take video for do this ?

  5. Muhammed Reply

    Hi ı have 2004 Multivan
    My car info in vcds
    Address 46: Central Conv.
    Protocol: KW1281
    Controller: 7H0 959 433 B
    Component: Komfortgerát 0004
    Coding: 00079
    Shop #: WSC 02756

    İs Confort Module same your cars control module ?

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      My CCM was the same part number as yours. Follow the guide and it should get it all working.

  6. patriot Reply

    Hi, I have 3 questions, please,
    Is this working also on TOUAREG 7L ( CCM 7L6 959 933 A )
    and what about automatic closing without holding keyfob pressed ?
    and finally folding mirrors.

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      I dont know as not sure if the touareg is the same? (Would have thought on that kind off car it would have been standard)
      Folding mirrors by remote on the T5 you need a 361 Relay (search Google for “361 Relay” loads will come up)

  7. Stephen Reply

    Hi Toby

    Where di i find VDS PRO, also what lead do i require, serial to obd port?


  8. Stephen Ferguson Reply

    Hi again Toby,

    Are we just writing 04862 and 04863 to 2 or are we wroting 04861 to 2 aswell as ive done all 3 and doesnt work for me… wondering if i should have changed 04861 at all,


    • Toby Gardner Reply

      If you have 10 change it to 2, if 0 leave at 0.

      The reason is some T5 have 10 stored at:
      04361 if 0 leave , if 10 change to 2
      04362 10 to 2
      04363 10 to 2

      Before mod
      0,10,10,176,176,176,100,100,100,255. (As per txt)
      0,2,2,176,176,176,100,100,100,255. (as per picture)


      Before mod
      after mod

  9. Stephen Ferguson Reply

    Sorry i meant 043 not 048 !

  10. Stephen ferguson Reply

    Hi Toby,

    Many thanks for your help on this.

    Before mod i had
    DEC 10,10,10,60,60,60,116,116,116,255
    HEX 0A,0A,0A,3C,3C,3C,74,74,74,FF

    After mod
    DEC 2,2,2,60,60,60,116,116,116,255
    HEX 02,02,02,3C,3C,3C,74,74,74,FF


  11. Ivan Reply

    Please could you specify the cable and its connection? I know what serial cable is but I am not sure that vottages and what pins should be used. Thank you.

    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Search KKL COM port cable this will bring up plenty of option for a lead that is able to do it.

      • Ivan Reply

        Thank you

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