VW T5 Transporter dashpod hacking

Parts you will need:
XVI32 Hex editor
VW Transporter van

(Remember this can brick your dashpod, Everything in the guide worked for my dash doesn’t mean it will work with your dash!!!!!!!)

One thing that I have always found strange is that the needles and display light up with the ignition but the gauges don’t?

So I set about seeing if I could change this?  First of all I connected up VAG-Tacho to the dash and selected VDO new and pressed connect.

After it gained access you then need to click read eeprom,  this will take a couple of minutes. Once it finished open the memory buffer and check there what looks like a eeprom dump.

Then click file and save.

Save the file twice, one called original and the other called modded. Leaving VAG-Tacho running, now open your hex editor.

Open the modded eeprom that you saved earlier,  once the file is open you will need to find the line 23A (This line is correct for a standard T5 dash without MFA/DIS)
and then find the correct cell.

Once found change the value to to desired value. It will be something like 3X, where X is value you change, Most T5 comes with 3B

3              – displays only

5              – gauges only

7              – displays and gauges only

9              – needles only

B              – displays and needles only

D             – Needles and Gauges only

F              – all lit up

I changed it to 3F 

Then save as the modded eeprom file.

Now back to VAG-Tacho. Click file and Read File, select the modded.eep file and load into memory.

You can now load the modded eeprom back into the dash.

Once complete you can then disconnect and reconnect, after it reconnected click the restart button and hay-presto one lit up dash pod 😀

Remember messing with the eeprom can brick your dashpod, you do this at your own risk!


Here a video of the dash just lighting up with only the ignition.

  1. andreas Reply


    how do you dismount the odometer from the T5 ?
    I have take a fast look, but i dont se how !


    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Remove the lower dash trims and the bolt are under the dashboard and go from the underside into the rear off the dash pod 🙂

  2. Yass Reply

    How you do to power your dashboard (what are the pines connection)? thank you

  3. John Reply

    Hello Toby,

    Which version of Vagtacho are you using ? Does it use CAN or Kline for the T5 ?

    I think my immo is close to yours :

    Thank you !


    • Toby Gardner Reply

      Hi John

      I’m using VAG-TACHO 3.6 – it uses K line for the communication.

      Out the car you only need:
      Power (Term 30)
      Ignition (Term 15)
      Earth (Term 31)
      K line to talk to the dash

      It works fine for upto 2006 T5 after that date they changed something in the dashpod and VAG-Tacho seems to struggle the newer/proper versions seem to be ok with the 2006> T5


  4. John Reply

    Thank you Toby !
    I have a 2009 model released in 2008 T5, I’ll report you the result with VAG-tacho 5. A previous test with VAG K+CAN Commander 1.4 failed (struggling in some functions too).

    Best regards,

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