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Wetlev – Build and test flight

Me and Dom (mostly Dom to be honest)  have been building our homemade copy off the american Jetlev.

First we made the feed pipe and bends to direct the water back down to earth (some exhaust tubing we got bent locally)


Next we mounted some aluminium for the back support,   (this was trimmed down later to save weight)



Next we put some cuts into a straight tube and folded the ends together to form the nozzles



After making some pivots for the nozzles we gave it a quick coat of paint

After putting it together and putting on a harness made out off seatbelts and 4 point harness.  Strechy CV boots were used as covers for the nozzles – ready for it test flight


And here we have the videos off the first ever wetlev test flight

Dom with his first test flight

More pictures check out the set on flickr


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