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Volkswagen T5 Highline dashpod with MFA retrofit

Here my guide to converting a T5 Lowline dash upto the Highline dash pod.

Tools you will need:

VCDS (VAG-COM) this is used to program the new dashpod in (Clone) (Original) 

VAG-Tacho – This removes the PIN (security access code) out of the old dash pod (Clone)  (Original)

VAG-Tacho seems to be out of stock so you can use VAG-K+Commander (Click here)

Tools to remove dash trim and the steering wheel

Parts you need:

Wiper stalk with MFA buttons (might as well pop cruise in at the same time if you can)

Highline dashpod (theres lots of options make sure it the correct part fro your van)

Wiring loom

How to do it:

Carry out a full scan with VCDS and save the scan, Then make adaption channel map select controller address 17 and change function to adaption, make sure you have a copy of the full scan and a copy of the adaption channel map and take a note of the mileage.

Now we move onto VAG-Tacho, Connect to the dash pod and pull the pin number from the old cluster,  While here I took a Eprom dump of the dash pod just incase.

Say Good bye to your old lowline dash

Once you have all this information you can now get the tools out and start taking the van apart. Disconnect the battery then you need to remove the Right lower dash trim, Steering column covers, remove and replace the column switch,  you will also need to fit 3 wires into the big 41 pin plug. I have tried every where to find the connectors on there own and with no luck, here are the tiny connectors

So in the end I used some VW repair wires and extended them to make the 3 wire loom – the part number is 000-979-018E and you need 3 off them.

These 3 wires fit into the T41 connector on the back of the indicator switch pins 24-23-18, you have to be very neat fitting the wires otherwise the cover wont fit back on the wiring plug.

Cover refitted:

Once the switch is in you need to look under the dash at the back of the dashpod you will see 2x torx screws remove these and pull the dashpod towards you unplug the blue and green connector, you will need to remove the cover off the green plug and put the 3 wires into pins 23-24-25  like this:

(T41) – Function – T32
23 – MFA – – 24
24 – MFA + – 23
18 – MFA r – 25

T41 = 41 pin connector on wiper switch
T32 = Connector on dashpod

Place the highline dashpod into the van and pop everything back together,  Once back together reconnect the battery (make sure the battery is good and charged up),  Start VCDS and select address 17 – instrument cluster.

Select 07 – Recode and enter the 5 digit code from from your saved scan.

Then choose 10 – Adaption then we choose channel 50 enter the 4 digit pin that VAG-Tacho pulled out but place a 0 before the pin number to make it 5 digits. Then click test and then save, exit back to the main screen and switch the ignition off wait at least 2 minuites.   Switch the ignition select 17 – instrument cluster and now in the extra field should be you chassis number (VIN).

Next you match the keys to dashpod (you need to do all the keys you have)

Check you adaption file and in address 09 should be your mileage in KM (x1o) double check this is correct as you only get one chance of doing this!!!!! No select 17 – instrument cluster then 10 – Adaption then channel 09 enter  the same value from the old cluster.  Exit back out and your mileage should be the same as original.  Now enter the numbers from adaption channels 40-45 from old to the new this keeps your service schedule the same.

Now carry out a full scan and clear all the fault codes, check everything works.

Get driving and enjoying you new dash 🙂

Here some videos of the dashpod at night and with the MFA working

This is a guide to help you swap the dashpod to a Highline with MFA,  This might not work on every T5 van, the info in this guide might not be correct please check before doing anything to your van!

**** UPDATE *****

I’ve been running my van now and love the highline dashpod.   I’ve been trying to get the radio display working and tried a Gamma radio but this still doesn’t work with my dashpod and now know I need a CAN BUS radio for the radio display in the dash to work.

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