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PPC Practical Performance Car £999 challenge 2011

On Friday the 16 September, me and Matt entered the Audi A8 track car into the PPC Practical Performance Car £999 challenge.   The first thing is they couldn’t decide if we could enter because the Audi cost us £1500 3 years ago (You can buy a 4.2 Audi A8 with less miles for
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Northampton Balloon festival 2011

The balloon took to the sky again for another Northampton Balloon Festival weekend, Northampton Balloon festival 2011 Held again at Billing aquadrome it was good to see them take off, just a shame only 15 balloons out of the 36 confirmed took off.   The photos are all from the Friday 
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After some nice hackers decided to deface my old site (What nice wonderful people lol)   I’ve decided for a fresh start with a new website coming soon, The  Great Doddington weather station  is still working, Keep coming back for more updates  
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